My name is Cindy Gooding, and I am the owner of Fragrance Laboratory.


When I first took on this business it was to assist in the continuance of a passion of my friend, Denise Mercelli-Ballinger, who passed in 2012. This was an unexpected change in my life, and at the time I made the choice to open the new store with a new name “Soapmaking Fragrance Oils.” Being a soap maker for many years, the name had appeal to me, but at the time I did not realize that name was so limiting and did not recognize the other areas where fragrance plays a vital role.


During the past year (plus), I’ve learned that being a supplier of fragrance oils (and essential oils) is vastly different from that of a consumer. There are so many things that must be considered when choosing what to offer to the public. Not only is there a need to supply something like a “good” smell, but it needs to work as described, be safe for the use intended, and the consumer has to know what to expect. It is, after all, the testing and “behind the scenes” work that makes our products superior.


Fragrance has always been very important to me, and I hope the changes made and my commitment to quality will help better our community. Too much money is wasted on fragrances and ingredients that just do not perform in the application(s) you want them to.


While this work has been ongoing for over a year now, we are certainly still in the research and development aspect of finding a way to bring more science and reliable data to the cottage soap making, candle, and cosmetic industries. Sensitivity to our environment, our bodies and our pocket books are at the cornerstone of our new business. Our strict laboratory practices will now allow us to meet the fragrance needs of our clients from the largest manufactures to the startup formulator. We do rigorous testing and publish our results on our site under Performance so you can have a clear understanding of the products you choose.


The Fragrance Laboratory website is still being worked on, and some areas remain unpopulated. Some of this is for future growth, but other parts are still awaiting data entry, in other words we are under construction. So this is just what we are calling a “Soft Opening” we will announce the Grand Opening when we finish with all the new additions. All of our current and pre-buy fragrance products are on the site and available through our secure shopping cart. There are also a few other types of products available. As we did with Soapmaking Fragrance Oils, we are still bottling in lined aluminum bottles to help with storage, shipping, and damage control from breaking glass, but soon we will offer ALL sizes in these wonderful bottles, not just the 16 oz. size.


I encourage you to register on the new site so you’ll be sure to get all the news and upcoming Grand Opening Specials! Expect to see our classes come back as well as more of the Group-Buys on Aroma Chemicals too!


Please check out our Reference Library for a complete list of all our social media sites, as we are diligently working to build and improve these, as well.


Remember, we become stagnant when we cease to learn and grow. – Where we bring Aroma Science into the Home~