Fragrance Frankincense & Myrrh
Date Made 11/11/2013
Fragrance Amount Ounces 1oz
Soap Poundage 1 lb
Soap Type CP - Trinity + 1  CPOP
Discoloration Issues FO is darker brownish color so when added to soap batter it immediately turned darker and yellow.  After trace and pouring it was getting darker. After several hours in a blanket it was still very warm but color was lightening. I took it out of blanket as gel appeared to be all but complete. Allowed it to cool on counter then put it into freezer so I could unmold faster. Coming out of freezer the soap is now a light beige color. Upon cutting it appears that gel was not complete and I have the traditional bulls eye effect. My educated guess is that the soap will all settle in with the light beige coloring throughout the bar. Still this color is not dark enough to cause problem with coloring the soap. Slight TD should lighten it up enough for almost any color combination. However, I could easily see the use of a 24K gold mica working very nicely with this raw color and since the "theme" Frankincense and Myrrh is often follow with "Gold" that would play nicely for a holiday soap.
Acceleration None actually gives plenty of time to work with multiple colors or swirls. This fragrance is really easy and would make a great novice start for almost any type of art deco soap. The pour was very smooth and other than the hot gel I think there is no real problems with this fragrance.
Ricing  None
Seize None
Scent Strength Lighter than I expected in the soap pot but seems to be coming back. After unmolding the scent is becoming stronger. Resin notes are really nice in soaps. They tend to last a very long time and can also work as anchors for other, lighter scents. In raw frankincense there is a top note of a lemony note so it would be natural to add in a bit of lemon EO to this blend if you wish to make it a bit more custom to your product line.
Notes This fragrance has a resionous and deep earthy note, very nice for a man or a unisex fragrance. It also has a bit of a soft powder note that is very pleasing. Color has settled nicely and although not white it is a soft beige that can easily be colored with some adjustments. If seeking a lighter color a small amount of TD may help to lighten enough to reach a much lighter color. Since there appeared to be a lot of heat generated during gel one of my suggestions to keep this a lighter color would be to put this inside a freezer as soon as it is poured into the mold. Doing this and stopping gel would likely result in brighter colors and an overall lighter colored bar of soap.