Fragrance Frankincense & Teak
Date Made 11/14/2013
Fragrance Amount Ounces 1oz
Soap Poundage 1 lb
Soap Type CP - Trinity + 1  CPOP
Discoloration Issues Not much at all, at least at first pour into mold. Since FO is dark colored I anticipate some discoloring but only time will tell. Slight very pale yellow coloring, actually very light for this type of fragrance. Nice.
Acceleration None
Ricing  None
Seize None
Scent Strength Med to Strong, used 1 ounce per pound and it is fairly strong. Being a deep base type fragrance this can easily be soaped at .5 to .8 per pound.
Notes So far one of the best behaved of the fragrances tested to date. It has a very nice scent that carries well into the soap. This can be used for men or women and would also work in anchoring other fleeting scents due to the nice balance of base notes. Slight discoloring to paly yellow is not really a concern unless you are wanting a pure white. I think the color issue could be all but fixed with TD and freezer method.