Fragrance Pumpkin Brule
Date Made 11/12/2013
Fragrance Amount Ounces 1oz
Soap Poundage 1 lb
Soap Type CP - Trinity + 1  CPOP
Discoloration Issues Fo is dark in color but did not change the overall color too much when added to soap batter. Even after trace the soap remained a light tan color, this could most likely be lightened by stopping gel in a freezer and perhaps a bit of TD if a really light color is needed. Now that soap has been unmolded and gone through gel it is turning a greenish (olive oil) brown color. This will need to be addressed if you want to use colorants. If looking for a pumpkin orange/brown then you will need to shift the color gradually into the orange range or it may very well go to a darker brown color. Three days out on cure time and the color shift is most certainly moving to an olive camo type brown.
Acceleration None
Ricing  None
Seize None
Scent Strength Strong. Used one ounce per pound and could go less .5 - .8 should be fine.
Notes Soaped very easily with plenty of time. Due to some discoloration issues, med camo/olive brown, if the soaper wishes to make a "White Whipped Topping" for a pumpkin pie effect then I would suggest reserving a small amount of soap batter with no fragrance to accomplish the pure white look. Also since this formula used olive oil with a green tint it would also be suggested to switch the soap formula to another light colored conditioning oil or the plain soap may have a slight yellow/green tint even with no fragrance added. Because this is a strong fragrance and has great sticking power it will carry the scent throughout the entire bar of soap. Also suggest using less than .8 once per pound unless you really want a strongly scented soap.