Fragrance Tuberose
Date Made 8/8/2013
Fragrance Amount Ounces .88 oz
Soap Poundage 1 lb
Soap Type CP - Trinity + 1  CPOP
Discoloration Issues Egg Yolk Yellow when forst poured then fading to no discoloration
Acceleration None
Ricing  None
Sieze None
Scent Strength Good, strong, reasonable scent of Tuberose
Notes Seriously, I am so glad I took pictures of the yellow discoloration both in the bowl and in the mold when first poured. It was shocking to see the soap batter turn to an egg yolk yellow. I thought this soap would come out a yellow color but upon setting up it completely lost all color and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the control soap and this one if it were not for the fragrance. The fragrance is really nice for a floral and seems to be a reasonable rendition of a Tuberose flower. Considering this is a narcotic floral and they are notorious for siezing this one performes up and beyond what I had expected. The color issue could be a problem for lotions and other B & B products. Additional testing should be done to determine if the yellow will fade in these types of products too.