Fragrance Violet Fae
Date Made 8/8/2013
Fragrance Amount Ounces .83 oz
Soap Poundage 1 lb
Soap Type CP - Trinity + 1  CPOP
Discoloration Issues Slight yellowing
Acceleration Slight but not a problem with this formula. If adding colors suggest soap cooler and less water discount.
Ricing  None
Sieze None
Scent Strength Good, Strong, Violet note
Notes I like this fragrance very much violet can be difficult to work with and this one soaps leaving a light delicate violet note behind that is not cloying or overpowering. If there is a desire to add a bit more of a forestry or woody note a small amount of woods or oakmoss could be added to create a more woodland faire note. The scent is strong and has held up well through cure and a few months on the soap table I have a feeling this one is going to be a favorite among my customers.