Bubble Bars

This is a video that Jo Lasky produced, and owns, that briefly outlines the process of Bubble Bar/Bath Bomb making.

It is a fun presentation to a fun product.

Produced in 2008 by Jo's other business, ZzyzxWorks

Did you know that Fragrance Laboratory was born from the sale of the original Southern Soapers? When Kelly Bloom was getting divorced she sold the business including all the fragrance codes to Denice Mercelli. Sadly Denise passed a few years later and Cindy bought the rights to Southern Soapers and all the fragrance codes included from Denise’s husband. Cindy owns all the original codes to all the Southern Soapers fragrance oils and is the only one legally allowed to offer and sell them.

For a while the business name changed to Soap Making Fragrance Oils but that was just not a great name for a business that focuses on a multiple of applications in fragrance use. So Cindy asked me to come on board and help her in developing a business plan that would emphasis the beauty and use of fragrance in a multitude of applications.

I work hand in hand with Cindy in bringing, not only the original Southern Soaper fragrances to you, but also in bringing in new and exciting fragrances too.

Our target is to keep up with trends, offer quality fragrance, provide great education, and to do it all with your “bottom dollar” in mind.


These lessons are done in appreciation of your loyalty to Fragrance Laboratory. We, Cindy and I, hope that they are helpful and that you grow and expand your soap and cosmetic horizons. I hope to bring you more lessons in the future and that if there are questions they will be asked.


~Jo Lasky