Fragrance Laboratory Classes


We offer a wide variety of class types for our clients. Many of the classes listed here have been shared before on various social media sites and graciously submitted to Fragrance Laboratory by the original authors to share with our clients. Some of our classes may incur a small fee. This is to cover the increasing cost and demands of hosting these types of classes. More information will be given when the “fee” classes are given on a case by case basis.



We welcome you to use these classes to formulate your own product line and build your business free of charge. We do ask that you give credit to Fragrance Laboratory and any published authors listed on the classes if you share this information.

Also, please keep in mind that, as with our formulary, we are not able to test, and prove out, each formula and therefore we can’t guarantee the results you may obtain.



The formulas provided in our classes are meant to be used as a guideline, a source of inspiration, and a way for everyone to give back to our community. Please experiment in small batches, practice Safety First, record all your formulas for future reference, and have fun.



For soap formulas that include lye, please be sure to check lye calculations prior to trying the formula. If you find that a formula has not been calculated properly, please let us know at