Lab Safety

General Safety Rules


Listen or read instructions carefully before attempting to do anything.

Know your formula and the amounts you will need prior to starting

Make sure to have all ingredients and equipment readily available and know what they are and how they operate before using.

Have all your safety equipment readily available prior to starting and make sure to use them or wear them before you begin your project.



Safety Goggles

Closed Toe Shoes

Long Sleeves or Lab Coat – make sure to button the sleeves

Chemical Resistant Gloves

If you have long hair tie it back and make sure it can’t get caught in any moving parts or shed into your product.

Eye Glasses are preferred to contact lenses – but safety goggles should always be worn.


Lab Precautions

Know the location of the fire extinguisher, fire blanket, eye wash and first aid kits

Keep the telephone number for Poison Control in a place where you can find it

Keep your work station area uncluttered. Take only the materials you will need to the lab station.

Clean up your lab area at the conclusion of the project


Chemical Safety

Have a thorough understanding of the chemicals you are using

Never mix chemicals together without a specific formula

Never taste any chemicals

If you need to smell the odor of a chemical, waft the fumes towards your nose with one hand. Never put your nose over a container to smell.

Never pour water into lye. Lye should be slowly poured into the water… “snow on the lake”

Follow hazardous waste disposal rules for your area. Never pour chemicals down a drain or directly into a trash receptacle.